Real-time temperature measurement


From COMSER Freeze Dry Solutions, as exclusive representatives for Spain of TEMPRIS Sensor technology, we offer wireless sensors specially designed for real-time measurement of the temperature of the product during the lyophilization process.

TEMPRIS is the only temperature sensor on the market capable of monitoring the temperature of the product inside a vial when it is introduced into the lyophilizer in an aseptic environment by means of an automatic loading and unloading system.


Wireless sensor that does not require batteries or data memory (there is no contribution of temperature to the product)

Real-time monitoring of up to 16 sensors in any lyophilizer scale

Centred and crossed structure for an accurate measurement of the central temperature of the vial

Sterilizable, robust and reusable. Compliant with FDA 21 Part 11 and with GAMP 5 / cGMP


The operation of this system is based on the quality of the quartz crystals, material from which the TEMPRIS sensors are made, to vibrate at a different frequency depending on their temperature. An interrogation unit connected to an external antenna gives the order to said antenna to periodically send a signal at a frequency of 2,4 GHz. Thanks to the antenna that incorporates the sensor itself, it receives said signal and depending on its temperature vibrates to a certain frequency. The superposition of the signal emitted by the sensor when vibrating and the signal emitted by the external antenna produces a change of frequency in the original signal that is captured by the external antenna. From this frequency change, the temperature of the sensor that is in contact with the product is determined.


COMSER Freeze Dry Solutions, as exclusive representatives for Spain of TEMPRIS Sensor technology, provides you all of our know-how in the lyophilization process. Our team has wide and proven experience in the GMP sector and has a specialization in lyophilization (R+D, machines, process...) too. They can help you with all your doubts and questions about how to implement Tempris in your company.