Lyophilization as a solution to limiting the cold chain

Coronavirus crisis is requiring all those companies related to the production of reagents, as well as the research and development of diagnostic kits, to work without pause and beyond their capabilities in order to supply the growing demand for these devices.

One of the limitations of these reagents for the diagnosis of COVID-19 is the need to keep them at very low temperatures. This fact makes logistics and preservation very difficult, making the process of transporting the product to the points where is required more expensive.

With the lyophilisation of these reagents, this relevant drawback disappears; being able to keep these products at ambient temperature and even at higher temperatures than usual. Once lyophilized, the reagents can be moved by any means, without the need for a refrigerated transport chain.

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With extensive experience in the field of lyophilization, Comser becomes the strategic partner to help companies of this characteristics to overcome the increased demand in the fight against COVID-19. Providing all the knowledge of the necessary technology to carry out lyophilization, in our R&D laboratory we develop and optimize lyophilization processes specific to relevant diagnostic reagents to COVID-19.

Once the cycle has been designed, our infrastructure and equipment allows us to manufacture the freeze-dried product in our laboratory. In the case that this step is to be integrated into the organization, we offer advice on the selection of the most appropriate equipment for it.

In addition, Comser has a dedicated qualification and validation division with a highly qualified team for the qualification of respirators or the validation of processes for new production lines.

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Experts in the lyophilization processes and equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry


Comser Freeze Dry Solutions is the freeze drying division of COMSER. Over the last few years, lyophilization has experienced a strong growth in the biotechnology industry, being one of the most widely used techniques for the conservation of products today. Our value proposition is the offering of our expert knowledge in the freeze drying process, making our know-how available to our customers and professionals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

At Comser Freeze Dry Solutions we have an expert team in the process and lyophilization equipment that is capable of adapting to the needs of the customer, providing the best solution and guaranteeing the implementation of the process on a production scale. Our knowledge of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector allows us to implement this technique for the preservation of active ingredients, medicines for human and animal use, and food in the best possible way. We have collaboration agreements with research and development centers specialized in thermal analysis and formulation of lyophilized products, as well as our own laboratory for the study of the product and the design of recipes and lyophilizer to carry out pilot scale tests.

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Comser Freeze Dry Solutions is the exclusive distributor in Spain of TEMPRIS wireless sensors for real-time temperature measurement as well as the lyophilization equipment from the prestigious American brand SP Scientific. We also provide a wide range of solutions in the development of freeze drying processes.