Experts in the freeze dying process and equipment for the biotechnology sector


Comser Freeze Dry Solutions is the lyophilization division of Compliance Consulting and Engineering Services. In recent years, lyophilization has experienced a strong growth in the biotechnology sector, being one of the most used techniques for the conservation of products today. Our added value is the expert knowledge in the lyophilization process, putting our know-how at the disposal of our customers and professionals of the biotechnological sector.

In Comser Freeze Dry Solutions we have an expert team in the lyophilization process and equipment that is able to adapt to the needs of the client, providing the best solution and guaranteeing the implementation of the production-scale process. Our knowledge of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector allows us to implement this technique for the conservation of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), medicines for human and animal use, and food in the best possible way. We have collaboration agreements with research and development centres specialized in thermal analysis and formulation of freeze-dried products as well as our own laboratory with our pilot lyophilizer for the study of the product and the design of recipes.

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Comser Freeze Dry Solutions is the exclusive distributor in Spain of the TEMPRIS wireless sensors for real-time temperature measurement as well as the best lyophilisation equipment of the prestigious brand SP Scientific. We also offer a wide range of solutions in the development of lyophilisation processes.